About the site

On our site we are glad to present you SMS service.

What is SMS service?

SMS service is the ability to receive short messages to dedicated virtual numbers. In some cases, also sending SMS. On the main page of our site you can find 4 blocks with virtual numbers on which sms come.

Why use SMS Service?

Using such a service, you can register on different network resources. Recently, in order to obtain more of these resources for registration, SMS-confirmation of the phone number is required. For this you can use our service.

Using our service, you get many advantages:

And with this your personal phone number will remain safe.

No spam mailings, no malicious links and so on.

Virtual numbers are available around the clock and without a weekend. Agree, there is not always a new SIM-card at hand, as well as the opportunity to purchase it "here and now."

All this and much more you can get on our website.

The Qealty team works for you!